Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sara, You're Really Having Your Brows Waxed Again?

(Yikes! I need a haircut.)

So I decided that it’s time for another haircut. Someone very nice in my office had a gift certificate good for a haircut and (gasp) an eyebrow waxing and she gave it to me. I know, anyone out there that remembers (how could you forget?) about my first very unfortunate eyebrow mishap which left me with an Uno-Brow (pronounced “ooo-no” like the game, and meaning one- not “Uni-brow” meaning two eyebrows united to form one) will think I am nuts for letting hot wax even come near my face. I've let my hair and eyebrows go crazy over the past 4 months or so. I look like Lanie Boggs in She’s All That before the makeover. So not hideous, just in dire need of a haircut, eyebrow touch up, makeup and maybe a new shirt. Anyways I think it’s time I just get my eyebrows taken care of. Maybe go a little crazy with the hair. Pray for my eyebrows.

(Right now I have eyebrows. 
They grew back quite nicely after the mishap thanks to RevitaBrow.
I took a picture to remember them by just in case.)

On another note, I finally opened up my Etsy Shop, the Banana Boutique. I am very excited about this because I have wanted to have an Etsy shop for a while and have been working on it since August. I only have eight items in there now, but I will have more in there as soon as I take some photos of my new pieces.
Banana Boutique has lots of handmade jewelry crafted by yours truly.  I love super cute things and vintage Disney park and film stuff. So there is a lot of that in there. I also love those plastic bell clip charms from the 80’s that were obnoxiously large and we wore on obnoxious brightly colored plastic chains. I am using them to create some fun stuff. Check it out because the holidays are coming and you will need to buy stuff for people. You may as well spend your money with me. At least you know it’s going somewhere awesome; my pocket. 

Link to my Etsy Shop: Banana Boutique
Cinderella Bottle Cap Necklace using an image from a vintage 1978 Disney children's book
Hello Kitty Large Charm Necklace on a metallic pink chain with a heart shaped toggle clasp.