Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brand New Year - Brand New Goals

So I didn’t finish all the things I set out to accomplish in 2011. I completed the majority of my goals, which I am proud of. Thanks to my goals I now love sushi, know how to knit, am not scared to sing in front of people, am an award winning filmmaker, hate yoga, am making money selling jewelry via Etsy, and am more adventurous with cooking and baking. I completed a total of 16 of my 25 goals. I’d say that even though I didn’t finish, last year’s goals were successful. I actually still have one more goal coming up that was planned in 2011, but can't be carried out just yet... I'll tell you more about it sometime... Soon I hope! So here is my new list of goals for 2012… and they include some of my goals from last year as well. I omitted a few goals because I sort of just lost interest in them (damn ADHD). First goal on my list: Finish everything on my goal list for 2012.

1.        Finish everything on my goal list for 2012!
2.        Audition for CoMo Cabaret
3.        Go to at least one state I’ve never been to before
4.        Bowl a 200 (not on the Wii)
5.        Make my own sushi with Andy
6.        Build something awesome out of LEGOS
7.        Take a craft or cake decorating class
8.        Take a cooking class
9.        Make a new short film
10.     Bake a rainbow colored cake
11.     Cook a Mediterranean style meal
12.     Sew something. Anything.
13.     Run more
14.     Read a new book 
15.  Finish that dumb kids book (the book is dumb, it's not for dumb kids- the book isn't really dumb and I WILL finish it!)

I think I need some rules this time, so... I reserve the right to add to my list. And this time, I cannot take away from or change goals on my list. They can be changed as long as the goal is basically the same. For instance, run more could be changed to run a mile because the goal still involves running and running a mile would be helluva lot more than I am running currently, so the overall goal remains the same.

I will add one goal to my list that you guys come up with. Please comment here or on the facebook page with ideas and the best one will be added to my list!

So here I go! Wish me luck!