Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The "Ilyssa" plate

While my sister was in town we decided to go and paint ceramics. She is the one who re-introduced me to painting ceramics as an adult. I happen to think that the ceramics place we have here, Hands On Ceramics, is way better than the one she goes to on Long Island... It cost less, plus it’s bigger, friendlier and has a more relaxing feel to it.

Since my sister was in town, I decided to paint her plate this week. She painted an awesome tray to look like the Giants' football field. The sides of the tray had an incline so she painted those to be the stands. It looks super awesome. I'm not so sure my plate looks a whole lot like mys sister. But hey, I tried!

P.S. I am pretty sure I am ruining some sort of surprise by telling you about the football platter and then posting pics on here. So, um, SURPRISE MIKE!

I'd like to know, if you could do any art project, what would it be? 
Above: Ilyssa Painting
Below: The Giant's Football Stadium Plate


  1. I don't think the plate looks that much like me. My smile is so much bigger! :)

    I had so much fun painting. Lisa is awesome and there were so many ceramic options to choose from. Lisa was really accommodating and gave me all the supplies I needed to make my plate perfect. I would recommend Hands On Ceramics to everyone in the Columbia area! So much fun!

    If I could do any art project, I would paint garden figurines, like little gnomes and stuff that I can paint to look like people I know or just funny characters. Hands on Ceramics had a Snow White figurine and figurines of all seven dwarfs! That would be awesome to paint. Maybe I should paint one each time I go to Missouri?

  2. Garden gnomes... I never would have guessed! Would you put them in a garden or on shelf? And which people or characters do you think you would want to make?

  3. I would put them in a garden. I would make our family members and friends. Quite similar to your plate project only in gnome form.