Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Instructions For Getting Your Kid’s Head Unstuck From A Railing

(Above: I slap my face in disbelief while Lilly freaks out about being stuck. You might think we are crazy parents for pausing to take a photo, but I think it will come in handy in her teen years...)

Last night my two and half year old, Lilly, decided to stick her head between the railings leading downstairs. She was just trying to get my husband’s attention and then suddenly realized she was stuck. She began to panic and cry. I was totally calm. I learned the trick on getting your toddler’s head unstuck without calling 911 or destroying your banister from my own personal experience. We even stopped to take a photo before we freed her. Of course that pissed her off just a little, but I need evidence to embarrass her at her sweet sixteen one day.

When I was two, I also stuck my head through the iron rails separating the sunken living room from the foyer in our Long Beach, NY apartment. I remember thinking I could get down to the living room fast if I just went through the rails… Which of course turned the routine trip down the two steps into the living room into a four hour fiasco. My mother had no idea what to do. She called my father who was a work. She called the building super, who couldn’t be reached. She called a few neighbors who came over to help. Next my mother COVERED my entire head with gobs of Vaseline with the hope of slipping me out. It didn’t work. She set up a TV tray for me with cup of juice that had a long straw so I could reach it. She put some sesame street on and turned the TV so I could see while she tried to figure it out. Meanwhile my father raced home from work. My mother says he was doing 70 mph down residential streets. They were doing everything in their power to not have to call the fire department who would no doubt destroy the iron rail in the apartment they didn’t yet own. Then the two neighbors had a brilliant idea. Since a child’s head is the biggest part of their body, why not just put the rest of my body through the railing, instead of trying to pull my head out? They turned my shoulders sideways and carefully passed me through. Simple as that!

So when Lilly got stuck we immediately knew what to do and, without any problems, it worked and she was freed in under a minute. Lilly learned an important lesson: Never stick your head anywhere you aren't positive you can get it out again.

I decided to write this post because I was shocked that this helpful little tip couldn’t easily be found by Googling how to get my kids head unstuck from a railing. In fact there were a lot of posts suggesting people rub butter all over their kids heads, get strong men to pull the railings apart, and even just to keep pulling until you free them. So, if your kids head gets stuck, there is no need to pull, or butter their heads (it took around three months for my mother to finally get the last of the Vaseline out of my hair, just a thought before you break out the butter), cut the railing, or call 911. Relax. Just turn that kid sideways and pass them through the railing. It’s easier if you have two people, one to hold their shoulders and one to hold the child’s waist. You might want to pretend you don’t know how you’re going to get them out for at least a couple of minutes, just to freak them out enough so that they don’t ever do it again. This probably won’t work with say, a six year old. Unless you have a skinny six year old. But with a toddler, it works like a charm. Hope this prepares many of you for the day when your kid decides sticking his or her head through a railing is a brilliant idea. 

(Below:  A diagram for you visual learners out there.)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

OMG It's Almost July!

June is almost over and I haven't written anything. I figured I should write something. Anything.... So here is a boring list of the exciting things I did in June...

This has been a very busy month... I made lollipops and fudge for the first time, went to a family reunion, saw the Muppets at movie night in the park, saw a wonderful local production of the Drowsy Chaperon, auditioned for a play (more on that next week), began showing apartments as a side job, saw the new Disney/Pixar movie Brave (Loved it!), tried out the cupcake shop in town called "The Velvet Cupcake", participated in Harry Potter Trivia (and won a raffle!), was asked to be the matron of honor in one of my besties weddings, had a pampered chef party, Lilly learned to ride her tricycle..... As you can see things have been a little crazy here! (Crazy and AWESOME) I am still exhausted. I need to catch up on my sleep and I hopefully will soon. 

Above: Lilly floating in her kiddie pool
Below: Me and Kylie (dressed as Luna Lovegood, for which she won a prize) after Harry Potter Trivia 
Below: Lilly at the Harry Potter Trivia Night Carnival with her new wand from the Columbia Olivander's location.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So I accomplished a new goal last night. It was never an "official" goal on my list, but something I've always wanted to try...

I've always been very curious about this fruit...
I thought they were called prickly pears, but it turns out they are actually called Kiwano which in some other language means "horned melon". A prickly pear is a kind of redish pinkish or green colored, oval shaped fruit that actually come from cacti. They have little prickly things (surprise, surprise) coming out of them, not spikes like the kiwano. 

Anyways, I have seen this fruit in the store from time to time and I've always been curious about it. I did not know anything about it. I actually had to Google how to eat it because I wasn't completely sure if there was a special way to go about it or if part of it was poisonous or something. I think a general rule in life is that it’s always best to double check if it's poisonous first when your food has spikes growing out of it. As it turns out I found seven step instructions on how to eat Kiwano. Yes, seven steps. Glad I checked! 

I assumed the inside of the Kiwano would be similar to that of a grapefruit. So I did not expect a bright green inside with little gelatin like sacs each containing an individual seed. The Kiwano eating instructions said to cut it in half, squeeze the bottom and suck out the little sacs. The seeds are OK to eat, but I preferred to spit most of them out. It tasted like sour banana with hints of orange and cucumber and the texture was like a liquidy gelatin. It was definitely weird to me and I’ve never tasted anything like it. 

I didn't finish the whole thing because, to be honest, it was a lot of work to eat! Instead Kylie (friend and new nanny of Lilly) and I decided to dissect it to see what all the stuff inside looked like… It reminded me a little of pumpkin guts. Except even slimier. 

I am glad I tried it. I have always wondered what kiwano tastes like. Now I know. I think it is worth trying if you like to try new things. I would not buy them regularly because they are $4.99 each which is absolute ridiculousness. Here are the rest of the photos. Again, I went Instagram crazy. You probably don’t want to follow me on Instagram because every so often 47 photos will show up and you will be very annoyed. I’m just sayin’.

KIWANO WARNING: the “Seven steps to eating Kiwano” were very clear to eat ripe orange Kiwano only and never to eat it if it has not yet ripened or if it is rotted because you will die a horrible death. No, actually it didn't give a reason why, it just said don’t do it, but I’d listen if I were you.

My pretty new Kiwano. I'll call him Jeff.
Not what I expected.
I don't know if you can tell but each of those seeds is in its own little gelatin-like sac.
Tasting! I kept saying, "I'm almost done. I'm gonna stop eating it in a minute..." but I kept going. Eventually I stopped so we could mutilate one of these suckers and see it's insides. I'm so violent with my fruit.
Kylie Tasting!
Kiwano BARF

Monday, May 14, 2012

What I learned About Parenting From Disneyland

I credit my parents with most of my parenting skills, but as any former Disneyland cast member and parent (and even the ones who aren't parents) can tell you, you learn A LOT by watching the hordes of horrible parents and the handful of good ones that come through the parks. 

As a person who loves theme parks and rides, I want to ride everything. As parent I know that a trip to a Disney park (or any theme park for that matter) is no longer about me. It is about my two-year old daughter. Unless my husband and I are prepared to bring a friend or leave the little one home with a sitter, we have to be ready to skip the big rides, the scary rides, and take frequent breaks. I wish more parents understood this. 

This is my parenting guide for Disney mixed with some long overdue online ranting. I do not claim to know everything. I am merely a former cast member and first time parent. But this is what I've learned during my time at Disneyland (and world) as a cast member, as a guest and as a decent human being.

As a former Disney cast member, I have dealt with thousands (yes thousands, if not more) of parents seemingly unconcerned with their child's safety. There is a height requirement for a reason and that reason isn't only because we want to be jerks (we don't actually want to be jerks). My advice for visiting the parks with kids is to go online or call beforehand to get a list of all the rides with height requirements and what those requirements are. Measure your child to see what they will be able to ride. Make sure you and your child keep in mind that even though the ride says 46 inches and you measured your kids at home and they appear to be 46 inches tall that does not mean that their height will match up with the measuring stick in the park and whatever the cast member says is the final answer. No matter how much you beg and plead or yell and scream or if you threaten with violence, your kid still can't ride. We once had a guy claim he had a gun and he would use it if we didn't let his kid on the ride. Security escorted him and his child from the park within minutes of the incident. I don't know what happened, but it's likely they won't be back anytime soon, if ever. 

Kids can be very disappointed if they don't get to ride something, especially if an older sibling can ride and they can't. The worst was when I had to measure twins and one was tall enough and the other was not. The parents would say "But they're TWINS!" So what? That doesn't mean they are the same height. My advice is to figure out who can ride which rides before you go and plan to split up. Maybe mom takes the taller kid who can ride the big rides and dad takes the little one to do something else. No need to tell them why you’re splitting off from one another. That just might upset the one who can't ride the big rides. Just tell the kids it’s their special chance to get the one parent (or relative or family friend or whoever) all to themselves for an hour. 

Don't try to sneak your kid onto the ride. The attraction I worked had four separate height checks throughout the queue, including one where the ride vehicles were loaded, and we caught the little ones every time.  It's such a simple thing to do before you get to the parks and being prepared for height checks and which rides have them can avoid disappointment and melt downs. Disney is very serious about height checks. A guest once asked me (in a very rude tone), "What about a little person!? Would you tell a 40 year old little person he couldn't ride!?" The answer is absolutely. I have had several little people come through and the difference is they don't cause a scene. They are usually polite and prepared to check the height requirement sign on their own. They know exactly how tall they are and they know the drill. I've never actually had to measure a little a person because they have either been obviously tall enough or opted to wait back while their party rode the ride. 

If your kid can't ride a ride and you are by yourself don't tell them to wait for you at the exit! Disney takes this very seriously. If a child is left unattended and is under the age of seven you could get into a lot of trouble. Depending on the situation, sometimes that trouble involves Child Protective Services. I never understand why parents just leave their kids on purpose. Sure, sometimes kids get lost by mistake, but you would be surprised how many parents will leave a small child and tell them to wait by the exit while they get in an hour long queue for a ride. Get a babysitter and just go to Disneyland yourself, bring a friend or relative with you that can watch the kids while you're on rides, or wait until your kid is older to take them to Disneyland! 

Don’t drag your kid on something they are afraid to ride. There is no reason to traumatize or upset them. Yes, sometimes you can drag them on and they will end up loving it.  That isn’t always the case. I once had to deal with a mother who insisted her 8 year old son ride a ride he was too scared to go on. He got into the car and was screaming and upset. He didn’t want to fasten his seat belt and we couldn’t send the car into the ride. They held up every single person both in line for that ride and already in the ride. Why did the mother want to force him to ride? She said that she wanted to ride the ride herself but she didn’t want to leave him by himself.  We ended up not allowing either of them to ride the attraction unless he could calm down (he didn't) because we couldn’t have a scared kid trying to get out of his seat while on the ride. As a parent, sometimes you have to be willing to miss out on some things. It sucks, but that’s life now that you're a parent. Deal with it.

If it's not part of a sanctioned playground area then don't let your kids climb on it. Andy and I love to watch kids climbing on stuff that they shouldn't be climbing on. Under our breaths we chant Fall! Fall! Fall! And we keep a tally of all the snotty kids that fall off of stuff. Insensitive? Yeah, maybe. But where are you when your kid is climbing on this stuff? If your kid is nine years old or older they should know you can't climb on anything you feel like climbing on. We like to watch those kids fall the most. If they are younger than you should be watching them. WATCH YOUR KIDS.

Disneyland is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids when to say "excuse me". It is very crowded and you will no doubt bump into or brush up against strangers. No matter whose fault it is, you should say "excuse me" and teach your kids to do the same. Why shouldn't kids be polite and have good manners? There is absolutely no reason why they shouldn't or couldn't. 

Now I know its Disneyland and it is fun to buy all the mickey ear hats, princess dresses, stuffed animals... I'm guilty of being a huge Disney shopper too! But as soon as your kid starts being an ungrateful little butt, you need to stop. You may even need to take away anything you've already gotten them, at least until they change their attitude. 

Just because you're in Disneyland does not mean you have to buy your kids whatever they want. It drives me crazy when kids freak out until their parents buy them stuff just to shut them up. Did you seriously just give in to your screaming kid in Disneyland? That sets the stage for more and more fits throughout the day. If screaming worked once, maybe it will work again... kids are smart in all the ways we wish they weren't. The best way to approach this is to let the kid know before you go and again when you arrive at the park and maybe even again when you enter a shop, that they can choose one souvenir, or give them a price limit. Let the younger ones know that they can look around throughout the day, but that you will make final decisions at the end of the day. This way they don't get something right at the beginning of the day and then realize they would have preferred something else. Also this way you won't have to carry around a bunch of extra stuff all day because even though Disney will hold items at the front of the park for you so you don't have to walk around with them, your kid isn't going to want to buy a souvenir and then not carry it around (for at least a little while before they make you carry it). They want instant gratification. 

Purchasing the items at the end of the day also gives them a chance to think, do I really want that stick with mickey's head on it that lights up and has things that spin around when I press the button or will that only be fun for 5 minutes during the fireworks? You would be surprised how many kids might change their minds if they have to think about it for a while. But then again you might be surprised how many kids dwell on it.

I am a firm believer that children can have a time-out no matter where you are. I understand you just spent hundreds of dollars to be in Disneyland for the day with your family and so making your screaming child leave early is not an option for you. That does not mean you can let your kid be a little jerk and get away with it. Why can't you bring them somewhere out of the way, in the shade and have them sit quietly for a few minutes or longer if needed? They are probably hot and tired. Maybe they do need to just throw a good fit and get it out of their system. Maybe they are just giant snot-nose brats that need to be put in their place. Whatever the situation, there are plenty of low key, shaded areas both within or right outside the parks that are perfect for time-outs or just a good quiet break. 

Make sure you explain all the rules for the day to your kids before you leave, while in the car, and when you arrive. It's best to make sure the whole family and anyone traveling with you knows what kind of behavior will not be tolerated and that they know the consequences.  Make sure you have thought the consequences through. Is it realistic to tell your kid if they misbehave you will take them home? After spending more than $360 for your family just to park the car and be inside Disneyland for the day, probably not. There is no refund for misbehaving. Just remember that if a child is told they have to sit out of a ride or show then a parent has to sit out with them. And guys, mom shouldn't have to be the one who always sits out of the fun stuff.

Above all kids should know they are damn lucky just be in Disneyland in the first place. Whether you've traveled across the world to be there or just across town, whether this is their one and only chance to visit the park or you take them every weekend. Whether you are a billionaire or you've scrimped and saved to make the trip, they are incredibly lucky to get to be at the Happiest Place on Earth and they should know that. Millions of people all over the world will never get to see the inside of a Disney park, but here you are! However, both you and your kid need to remember that Disney World (and land) does not revolve around you no matter how much money you are willing to spend. Remember to be polite and respectful.

Well that's it for now. I am sure I will have more to add. I always think of more. sorry it was so LONG... I am curious to know more from other Disney guests and cast members about what you would want to tell parents about their trip to a Disney park? What kind of stuff drives you crazy when you're in a Disney park?

I stole this photo from "Tidwell Tidbits" blog. This mom gave her kid a time out in Disney World, so GO HER! See? It's not impossible!

Lilly and Rapunzel in Disney World. Luckily we didn't have to deal with anything more than very minor bad behavior while we were there. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lilly's Tantrum

Yesterday I took Lilly to Michael's because I needed a few more jewelry supplies. I told her that she had to be good while we were in the store. Specifically I told her no yelling, no crying and no throwing things because a two year old doesn't know exactly what I is meant by "good". 

She was really good the whole time. She found a little truck she liked that she was playing with and I said we could get the truck if she continues her good behavior. She was very good until it came time to hand the truck over to be scanned. She got really upset. I tried to explain that she could have the truck back in just a minute. This isn't the first time she has had to hand something over to pay for it and she is usually very good about it, but she freaked out, screamed, threw herself to the ground, rolled over and cried hysterically (there was some kicking involved too). 

When the checkout girl went to hand the truck back to her I said "oh no I'll take that. She can't have a truck if she acts like that." I was starting to get embarrassed and that was stressing me out. I apologized for all the screaming and the girl at the counter said "Don't worry about it. That's what you should do. It's hard not to give in but you're doing a good job!" That made me feel much better! A random stranger thinks I am a good parent! See? Occasionally I do something right!

We got out of there within two minutes of the beginning of the screaming fit. Once at the car I tried to explain to Lilly that when we pay for something we have to give it to the person at the counter for a minute but we will get it back and that we can't throw fits, especially in stores. She just screamed louder. I strapped her into her car seat and ignored the rest of the screaming. Needless to say that truck is still in a plastic bag in my bedroom. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


First of all, I went a little instagram crazy again. Sorry about that. Second of all I am not in a writing mood so this will mostly be photos. Third of all I didn't take that many photos.

Over the weekend we went on our summer camp retreat. It was really awesome. Our family rented out a summer camp for the weekend and there were about 25 of us. We made s'mores, played basketball, volleyball, and washers, tie dyed shirts, made jewelry, had a sing along around the campfire, watched a late night movie, and just hung out. It was pretty awesome. Lilly even took her nap in a bed with no problem. We all had a blast.
Cousins (Lilly and Ellie- 2/3 the camps namesake) welcoming each other to camp!
Camp sign hanging in the dining hall
Practicing bushing teeth at the "health and safety seminar" during camp orientation
Visitng Whiteman Airforce Base where Andy was stationed for 3 years
Rob & Elaine preforming performing their Balloon art & comedy routine during the camp talent show!
Lilly enjoyed the talent show. Especially since it involved balloons and she got to stay up past her bedtime.
Gabe the Magnificent performs magic during the talent show
 Lilly, Anna, and Monica discuss all the fun they had at camp over Sunday breakfast.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Rylee's Birthday Cake!

Some nice people in my office said they heard I made cakes and asked if I would make their daughter, Rylee's, 10th birthday cake. I didn't think before saying "Absolutely I will!" Then I thought for a moment and asked when they would need this cake and learned I had just two days to make a two tiered sheet cake.

Rylee loves pink and zebra print so they asked for a pink zebra cake. I showed them the cake this morning and they loved it. I cut everything (including the letters) out by hand except for the stars (I have star cutters). So anyways here it is!

Just the beginning of the zebra stripes (which I cut out by hand)

Zebra stripes = Completed

Second tier is on!
Yay! Completed! I cut out those letters by hand.

It was exhausting, but I think it turned out well. I am pleased and so is Rylee's mom!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lady Bugs & Fondant

I did it. I made lady bug fondant cupcakes. It took me a while and the fondant was annoying at first because I wasn't used to it. I did a little bit of research on the best tasting fondant and everything I found online said that Duff Goldman's line of butter cream fondant tastes the best. The last thing I wanted was to have disgusting, foul smelling fondant on my cupcakes. I tried a little and it tastes like candy corn! It must have been delicious because Lilly ate the entire lady bug off of her cupcake. This post will be mostly photos of my fondant lady bug cupcakes. So here they are... (I went a little Instagram crazy...)

These are just the fondant toppers before I placed them on the cupcakes

After Assembling the cupcakes

Cupcakes on display st the party

My cupcakes with the professional cake by wedding cake baker/designer Edith Hall in the background

Me posing with my delicious little masterpieces!

So I discovered I do like to work with fondant. This is good because yesterday I was asked to make a two tier pink and black zebra birthday cake for someone in my office. They need it tomorrow. I am freaking out a little bit, but I am also really excited! I hope it turns out OK. I'll post some photos after I finish which will probably be very late tonight...

Thursday, March 29, 2012


(Above: Lilly just being Lilly= Awesome)

OK, I need to apologize. I haven't written in a while. Things have been crazy busy! Between filling my Etsy orders (business is actually booming believe it or not), showing our film, Marceline, for Disney D23 members, having a film in the T/F film festival, and just pure laziness, I haven't had the time. I often thought about writing, but the writing would have gotten in the way of my laziness time.

It's pretty hot out for March so every day has felt like a lazy summer day. This makes me more lazy.

I've been so lazy the past few days and I seriously need to do laundry. One good thing about not doing the laundry is it forces you to get creative and take fashion risks. Under normal circumstances I'd be too embarrassed to wear a paper bag out of the house, but at this point, I have no choice. I swear I'll do the laundry tonight. I just got tired of looking like a hobo. And by "just" I mean literally, like, three seconds ago was like, "man I am so tired of looking like a dirty hobo". Laundry. Tonight. I SWEAR.

This weekend I am going to be trying my hand at fondant for the first time. I promised to make about 50 cupcakes for Andy's cousin for her daughters first birthday. I am incredibly flattered that she asked me because she is a perfectionist and even though I know she also ordered a cake from a professional wedding cake baker, it is still a big deal that she trusts my baking abilities for Ellie's first birthday. The theme is ladybugs, which is really cute and lucky for me, also pretty simple baking wise. About 30 to 35 of the cupcakes will just be red icing with white sprinkles. But, about 15 to 20 of them will have fondant ladybugs on top. I am very excited and extremely over confident. Especially considering I've never worked with fondant before... The plan is to make everyone believe I do it for a living. I'll let you know how they turn out. Probably amazing (there's that over confident-ness again), but we'll see.

The next few weekends will be really busy. We will be staying one weeked in Marceline at the bed and breakfast, one weekend at the Lake of The Ozarks at the family condo, and one weekend at "Camp EM-A-LIL-EE-EL-EE"...

Let me explain about camp. I couldn't be more excited about it! My family thought it would be nice to take a camping trip altogether since we haven't done that, like ever. But there were too many complaints about tents and peeing in the woods (I complained about that one) and sleeping on the ground. So we looked for campgrounds with cabins and as it turns out you can rent an entire summer camp. A freaking summer camp! Like with 6 cabins, an infirmary, amphitheater, and even a mess hall! So not only is the family coming along, but we also invited several close friends to join in the fun. This is like a dream come true for me. Having our own summer camp! Everyone in the family was given a job. The jobs are mostly a joke, but I am taking mine (activities director or course) very seriously. I've planned arts n crafts, sports, and a talent show. A mandatory talent show. We'll see how that goes. I hope at least three people actually participate. I might have to offer a prize for the talent with the most applause...

Anyways that's all I have for now. Don't forget to become a fan of my Etsy shop on Facebook. Click HERE for that.

Get your copy of our film, Marceline, HERE

These are the cupcakes I plan to make. (I stole this pic from The Crafty Penguin)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anti-Social Networking

So I’ve been posting tons of things on Facebook. Ya know, cute and funny things that I expected friends and family would comment on or “like” up a freaking storm. I expected to finally say "HOLY CRAP! Alright already with these notifications from all these people that worship me!" But nothing. Nothing for sixteen whole days. Sixteen days! I started thinking that everyone just got tired of me or hates me or something. I wasn’t sure why people wouldn’t care about me anymore though. I’m nice and hilariously funny, and oh so awesome. It just didn’t add up.

Until two days ago when Andy asked to copy and paste a post I told him I had put up about finding a babysitter for Lilly that no one commented on.

“We’ll never find a sitter unless you post something.”  I said “Everyone hates me or something and nobody cares if I need to find Lilly a sitter I guess, but everyone seems to just love you, so you should post something instead.” Andy posted it and got like 10 comments in just about an hour from people wanting to babysit. He first tried to copy the post from me, but he said "No wonder you didn't get any comments, you didn't post anything". Thats weird, but I brushed it off thinking I forgot to hit "post" or something.

So then I posted something that I thought was hilarious (something I copied off a friends status actually, guess I’m not that clever) and told someone to look at it, but she couldn't see it. Upon further investigation we realized that nothing I have posted has been visible to anyone but me since Jan. 20th. Which was 16 days ago.

How could every little moment of my life have gone un-read by others for so long!? People haven’t gotten to see what I ate for breakfast or how many times I’ve been to the gym this week (none). They won’t know which “Sh*t people say” videos I’ve seen or like enough to “share”…. But more importantly no one has wondered about my strange Facebook absence. I haven't gotten any texts wondering if I am OK, or lying horribly disfigured in a ditch somewhere. What gives, people!? Don't you care about me at all? 

But then I thought about it and this also means that I can post anything I freaking want to and no one can be offended because THEY CAN’T SEE IT. Also I discovered I don’t really even care that much. I pretty much just use Facebook to stalk people I went to high school with (that's right) to make sure they aren’t more successful than me (they are). I also like to look at other people’s weddings. I may not have spoken to you in, like, 13 years, but I WILL tear up while looking at your Facebook wedding album.

For now I am just enjoying making fun of all of you and posting the most offensive videos and updates I can because you can't see them. SO THERE. Eventually Facebook will get this glitch fixed and I’ll have a lot of posts to remove. But until then I am enjoying feeling evil and powerful. Maniacal laugh.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brand New Year - Brand New Goals

So I didn’t finish all the things I set out to accomplish in 2011. I completed the majority of my goals, which I am proud of. Thanks to my goals I now love sushi, know how to knit, am not scared to sing in front of people, am an award winning filmmaker, hate yoga, am making money selling jewelry via Etsy, and am more adventurous with cooking and baking. I completed a total of 16 of my 25 goals. I’d say that even though I didn’t finish, last year’s goals were successful. I actually still have one more goal coming up that was planned in 2011, but can't be carried out just yet... I'll tell you more about it sometime... Soon I hope! So here is my new list of goals for 2012… and they include some of my goals from last year as well. I omitted a few goals because I sort of just lost interest in them (damn ADHD). First goal on my list: Finish everything on my goal list for 2012.

1.        Finish everything on my goal list for 2012!
2.        Audition for CoMo Cabaret
3.        Go to at least one state I’ve never been to before
4.        Bowl a 200 (not on the Wii)
5.        Make my own sushi with Andy
6.        Build something awesome out of LEGOS
7.        Take a craft or cake decorating class
8.        Take a cooking class
9.        Make a new short film
10.     Bake a rainbow colored cake
11.     Cook a Mediterranean style meal
12.     Sew something. Anything.
13.     Run more
14.     Read a new book 
15.  Finish that dumb kids book (the book is dumb, it's not for dumb kids- the book isn't really dumb and I WILL finish it!)

I think I need some rules this time, so... I reserve the right to add to my list. And this time, I cannot take away from or change goals on my list. They can be changed as long as the goal is basically the same. For instance, run more could be changed to run a mile because the goal still involves running and running a mile would be helluva lot more than I am running currently, so the overall goal remains the same.

I will add one goal to my list that you guys come up with. Please comment here or on the facebook page with ideas and the best one will be added to my list!

So here I go! Wish me luck!