Thursday, June 28, 2012

OMG It's Almost July!

June is almost over and I haven't written anything. I figured I should write something. Anything.... So here is a boring list of the exciting things I did in June...

This has been a very busy month... I made lollipops and fudge for the first time, went to a family reunion, saw the Muppets at movie night in the park, saw a wonderful local production of the Drowsy Chaperon, auditioned for a play (more on that next week), began showing apartments as a side job, saw the new Disney/Pixar movie Brave (Loved it!), tried out the cupcake shop in town called "The Velvet Cupcake", participated in Harry Potter Trivia (and won a raffle!), was asked to be the matron of honor in one of my besties weddings, had a pampered chef party, Lilly learned to ride her tricycle..... As you can see things have been a little crazy here! (Crazy and AWESOME) I am still exhausted. I need to catch up on my sleep and I hopefully will soon. 

Above: Lilly floating in her kiddie pool
Below: Me and Kylie (dressed as Luna Lovegood, for which she won a prize) after Harry Potter Trivia 
Below: Lilly at the Harry Potter Trivia Night Carnival with her new wand from the Columbia Olivander's location.


  1. "And missed my husband greatly through all this..."

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