Wednesday, April 25, 2012


First of all, I went a little instagram crazy again. Sorry about that. Second of all I am not in a writing mood so this will mostly be photos. Third of all I didn't take that many photos.

Over the weekend we went on our summer camp retreat. It was really awesome. Our family rented out a summer camp for the weekend and there were about 25 of us. We made s'mores, played basketball, volleyball, and washers, tie dyed shirts, made jewelry, had a sing along around the campfire, watched a late night movie, and just hung out. It was pretty awesome. Lilly even took her nap in a bed with no problem. We all had a blast.
Cousins (Lilly and Ellie- 2/3 the camps namesake) welcoming each other to camp!
Camp sign hanging in the dining hall
Practicing bushing teeth at the "health and safety seminar" during camp orientation
Visitng Whiteman Airforce Base where Andy was stationed for 3 years
Rob & Elaine preforming performing their Balloon art & comedy routine during the camp talent show!
Lilly enjoyed the talent show. Especially since it involved balloons and she got to stay up past her bedtime.
Gabe the Magnificent performs magic during the talent show
 Lilly, Anna, and Monica discuss all the fun they had at camp over Sunday breakfast.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Rylee's Birthday Cake!

Some nice people in my office said they heard I made cakes and asked if I would make their daughter, Rylee's, 10th birthday cake. I didn't think before saying "Absolutely I will!" Then I thought for a moment and asked when they would need this cake and learned I had just two days to make a two tiered sheet cake.

Rylee loves pink and zebra print so they asked for a pink zebra cake. I showed them the cake this morning and they loved it. I cut everything (including the letters) out by hand except for the stars (I have star cutters). So anyways here it is!

Just the beginning of the zebra stripes (which I cut out by hand)

Zebra stripes = Completed

Second tier is on!
Yay! Completed! I cut out those letters by hand.

It was exhausting, but I think it turned out well. I am pleased and so is Rylee's mom!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lady Bugs & Fondant

I did it. I made lady bug fondant cupcakes. It took me a while and the fondant was annoying at first because I wasn't used to it. I did a little bit of research on the best tasting fondant and everything I found online said that Duff Goldman's line of butter cream fondant tastes the best. The last thing I wanted was to have disgusting, foul smelling fondant on my cupcakes. I tried a little and it tastes like candy corn! It must have been delicious because Lilly ate the entire lady bug off of her cupcake. This post will be mostly photos of my fondant lady bug cupcakes. So here they are... (I went a little Instagram crazy...)

These are just the fondant toppers before I placed them on the cupcakes

After Assembling the cupcakes

Cupcakes on display st the party

My cupcakes with the professional cake by wedding cake baker/designer Edith Hall in the background

Me posing with my delicious little masterpieces!

So I discovered I do like to work with fondant. This is good because yesterday I was asked to make a two tier pink and black zebra birthday cake for someone in my office. They need it tomorrow. I am freaking out a little bit, but I am also really excited! I hope it turns out OK. I'll post some photos after I finish which will probably be very late tonight...