Friday, April 6, 2012

Rylee's Birthday Cake!

Some nice people in my office said they heard I made cakes and asked if I would make their daughter, Rylee's, 10th birthday cake. I didn't think before saying "Absolutely I will!" Then I thought for a moment and asked when they would need this cake and learned I had just two days to make a two tiered sheet cake.

Rylee loves pink and zebra print so they asked for a pink zebra cake. I showed them the cake this morning and they loved it. I cut everything (including the letters) out by hand except for the stars (I have star cutters). So anyways here it is!

Just the beginning of the zebra stripes (which I cut out by hand)

Zebra stripes = Completed

Second tier is on!
Yay! Completed! I cut out those letters by hand.

It was exhausting, but I think it turned out well. I am pleased and so is Rylee's mom!

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