Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lilly's Tantrum

Yesterday I took Lilly to Michael's because I needed a few more jewelry supplies. I told her that she had to be good while we were in the store. Specifically I told her no yelling, no crying and no throwing things because a two year old doesn't know exactly what I is meant by "good". 

She was really good the whole time. She found a little truck she liked that she was playing with and I said we could get the truck if she continues her good behavior. She was very good until it came time to hand the truck over to be scanned. She got really upset. I tried to explain that she could have the truck back in just a minute. This isn't the first time she has had to hand something over to pay for it and she is usually very good about it, but she freaked out, screamed, threw herself to the ground, rolled over and cried hysterically (there was some kicking involved too). 

When the checkout girl went to hand the truck back to her I said "oh no I'll take that. She can't have a truck if she acts like that." I was starting to get embarrassed and that was stressing me out. I apologized for all the screaming and the girl at the counter said "Don't worry about it. That's what you should do. It's hard not to give in but you're doing a good job!" That made me feel much better! A random stranger thinks I am a good parent! See? Occasionally I do something right!

We got out of there within two minutes of the beginning of the screaming fit. Once at the car I tried to explain to Lilly that when we pay for something we have to give it to the person at the counter for a minute but we will get it back and that we can't throw fits, especially in stores. She just screamed louder. I strapped her into her car seat and ignored the rest of the screaming. Needless to say that truck is still in a plastic bag in my bedroom. 


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