Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Number 12: Paint a set of 8 dishes at Hands On Ceramics

(Plate 1 of 8)

For our wedding, Andy and I did not register for dishes. Not for fancy ones anyway. We just aren't fancy people. I'm not interested in buying matching dishes. Since I went to paint ceramics with my sister in New York and I made an awesome chip and dip bowl with our last name on it, I've liked the idea of creating a set of  plates that were personalized for our family. I thought it would be cool to have personalized plates. Not too many people do. They will be way more special. So the idea I came up with was to paint a cartoon of each of our family members on the plates. Who wouldn't want to eat off of their own face when we have them over for holidays? This is how my goal to paint dishes came about...

So over the weekend I finally made it over to Hands On Ceramics with a bunch of friends for a girls day out. I finally got started on my plates. I decided to paint Andy's face on a plate first because I didn't want to paint my own face. Even though I have a very nice face, I thought that was kind of conceited of me. So I pulled up a Facebook photo of Andy on my phone and penciled it in on the plate first. 

Now, I'm an ok artist. I only feel comfortable saying that because I had better be after all the training I have had. I took serious art lessons after school and over the summers, not to mention classes in school, from ages 8 to 20. I am not really that great though. Just alright. My biggest problem is that I can never get a likeness when I do portraits. That is until I painted the plate of Andy.

Completely out of left field I actually got a likeness. It looks just like him. How did I do it? I seriously have no clue. But I hope I am able to repeat this accidental awesomeness on the rest of my plates. If not, I'll just paint the name of the person on the plate so people know who it is... 

I have changed the number of plates to twelve so that I can also paint our whole families instead of just the three of us and the cats. I am painting the cats for guests. In case the whole family is over for dinner along with a few guests. We will all be eating off our own faces and who will the guests eat of? The cats. Problem solved. You're Welcome.

Above: Plate is painted, still needs to be fired in the kiln and then I get to pick it up on Thursday! It will be all glossy-like then. I'll post a pic when it's truly finished.
Above: Amazing Mickey cake that KC made for me!
Below: me and ma paintin ladies

"Me=Fashion Wizard"
I got so many compliments on this outfit that me being a fashion wizard is the only logical explanation. See those shoes? Those are 6 inches tall. Ok, no Andy measured and they are only 4 inches. They are the only heels and tallest shoes I have ever worn/owned. 

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