Monday, May 2, 2011

Number 17: Shop And Eat At More Local Places I've Never Been To

Shopping (and eating- lets be clear about that!) locally. Why is this a goal? I have no idea. Well, no, actually I just want to help support the community and stuff, but also just cause I like to shop. And eat. There are so many places I'm sure I'd love if I just went and tried them out. 

I had never set foot in a Wal-Mart until I was 20 years old. I had heard a little bit about them. People on my part of Long Island didn’t shop at Wal-Mart for one reason; We didn’t have one near us (oh, also we are a little bit snobby. Ok, a lot bit snobby). When I moved out to Santa Barbara I continued to remain in the dark about Wal-Mart. The people of Santa Barbara didn’t want a Wal-Mart poisoning their community. They didn't even have a Target.They did have a K-Mart though. Interesting.

Next I moved down to Ventura, CA. They had a Wal-Mart. A dirty, disorganized Wal-Mart. A Wal-Mart where I saw people being violently arrested on three separate occasions. A Wal-Mart where small children got into packages of razors and threw them at each other for fun and accidently cut an old mans leg. A Wal-Mart where I’d have to call Andy when I got there and when I was leaving so he knew I wasn’t dead. A Wal-Mart I only shopped at when I was convinced it was the only place I could get what I needed. Or when I was super short on funds. It wasn’t until I moved to Missouri, to a town where we have three, Yes, THREE clean, safe, Super Center Wal-Marts, that I began to regularly shop there…

And boy do I shop there. I am at Wal-Mart at least once a week. I buy all kinds of things I need plus other crap. It’s just so darn cheap! But now I’d really like to start eating and shopping locally whenever I can. We have so many neat places here, it’s time I give them a chance. However I will continue to buy diapers at Wal-Mart. I will never give up Target.

I am weird when it comes to local shops and restaurants. For some reason I feel like the owners and other patrons are judging me and thinking “What is SHE doing here? Get the hell out of here!” When in reality they are probably thinking “Oooo! business!”

It is a strange fear I am more than ready to get over. Local shops and restaurants have a lot to offer and are kind of awesome. It’s true, sometimes they cost a little more. But if there is ever an area you’d be willing to spend a few extra dollars, you should do it at one of your local shops. Or just send those few extra dollars to me. Jut kidding. No, really though, I’ll take em.

This particular goal will be on going, as it would be unrealistic to try to shop and eat at every local store and restaurant in one weekend.  Unless you want to send me those dollars we talked about. Then I might be alble to make it happen...

Last week my friend KC took me out to dinner for my birthday to a local restaurant called Addison's. It was delish! We decided to start with an appetizer, but couldn't choose. We narrowed it down to four choices; Goat Cheese and Black Bean Quesadillas, Nachos Bianco, Something called "Red, White & Green" (Which I think was like Bruschetta), and Tempura Lobster Ravioli. To choose I implememted a decision making process using the four different sugar and sweetener packets we had at the table. I threw them up and assigned them to the appetizer they landed nearest. Then I put them in my hands and switched them around behind my back. There were two in each hand. KC chose a hand and then we did that one more time... Doesn't going out to dinner with me seem like tons of fun? TONS OF FUN!? Anyways the fates ended up choosing Goat Cheese and Black Bean Quesadillas for us. It was delicious and so filling that we even left one over.

For dinner I ordered the Diablo Shrimp Pasta which was shrimp Sauted in Spicy Diablo Butter. Tossed with a creamy marinara sauce, mushrooms, and penne pasta. I'm drooling just typing that up now! KC ordered the Baked Tortellin Pasta which was sauted artichokes, romas, scallions, and mushrooms, tossed with ricotta-stuffed tortellini in a pesto cream sauce. Topped with mozzarella & cheddar cheeses and baked to a golden brown. I tasted hers too and it was soooo good!

Supporting the community sure is delicious.

Addison's also has lots of amazing art on the walls by artist and bartender David Spear. The art definately made for a great atmosphere and other positive sounding critic-y type stuff.
This was a great start to shopping and eating locally. I can't wait to go eat and buy some more stuff!

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  1. It was insanely good... We need to try Bleu next!!