Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Number 11: Do something crazy (or just different) with my hair

Hair. How can I write about changing my hair and not make it boring? I can’t. Unless there are photos. Lots of photos.

Lets take a look back on all of my hair styles. From the age of 1 all the way until now, I only have four different styles. 1. Short, 2.short with bangs, 3. long, 4. long with bangs. BOOOOORING.

1986. Ok, what child didn’t have this hairstyle in 1986? I’m about two here. In the 80’s little boys and girls pretty much looked the same. We all had this stupid bowl haircut or a mullet. There was a shortage of pink and frilly baby clothes. I guess it was just the thing. This is how I remember the 80’s. Being ages 0-5 during the 80’s doesn’t really serve my memory too well. I’m probably right. I usually am.

1991. I’m pretty cute here. Though my bangs could use a trim.

1992. Between the 2nd and third grades I grew out my bangs. Then in a drastic style change, I got bangs again! WOW!

Between these two photos I got bangs again. I can't find a photo. Though I didn't really look either...

1997. GAHHH! What the…!? Yes, this is when I was a tweenage ogre. My nose had a growth spurt and my face still had to catch up. But the point here is I was growing out my “little kid” bangs. Again. And so began my long, stringy, style-less hair. Ew and here in the 7th grade it was also greasy. Yuck.

From ages 12 to 26 I had this boring hair style.
(with my friend, Jodi) I'm the one with the boring hair.

For years and years I kept my long, stringy, straight, boring hair. I was really pretty attached. Literally, attached to my hair. Hahaha…ha? Ok, sorry. That was not funny. Why is that we become so attached (mentally) to our hair? It grows. In a matter of months it will be right back to the way it was.

Getting my bangs cut was not just a matter of changing styles, but I see now it is just part of my natural hair progression. I keep going back and forth. It has been 14 years since I last had bangs and now, once again, it was time.

I was nervous when I went to get my bangs cut. Physically nervous. I also got highlights, which I was equally nervous about. But of course it all turned out just fine and I am happy with the way I look. I did however increase my prep time in the morning from 2 minutes to 6 minutes. But I can live with that. Barely.

Below: My new hair. It's difficult to see the highlights.

My next hair venture will be to dye it black. I decided to rock this style for a little while (that’s right, I’m rockin the bangs) and then in about 6 months or so, I’ll dye it black. Maybe layer it a bit, cut it short… whatever it is, it will be something different. These bangs and highlights have opened the door to my being adventurous, hair wise.

Ok. Sorry to bore you. This has to be, without a doubt, the most boring item on my list. I promise it only gets more interesting from here.

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