Monday, June 13, 2011

Number 24: Tie Dye Some Stuff

Tie dye was on my list because it just looked like something neat I could do. Yup tie dye is neat. Actually, no, tie dye is very messy. It is three days later and my hands are still purple. Despite all the messiness, tie dye was really fun. Andy tie dyed with me which made it even more fun. We had to wait for the baby to go down for her nap because permanent dye and a toddler probably wouldn’t be the best idea and I didn’t want to try it and find out.

We began mid-morning on Saturday. The weather had cooled down from the previous week’s unbearable heat. It was quiet and calm outside and it made tie dying soooo relaxing!

So in case you are keeping track: Tie Dying= Relaxing. Yoga=I want to kill someone.

We mixed up about 8 colors. I had bought a couple of things to tie dye and we also ransacked our dresser drawers and closet looking for anything white we could add a little (I mean a lot) of color to. We don’t own a lot of white. We prefer black or dark colors. They are slimming. Tie dye is not slimming, but oh so fun!

Andy did an amazing job of tying up the shirts so it would create these really cool patterns. I just wrapped the heck out of my shirts hoping for the best…

The only thing that was a little frustrating for two people with ADHD who need instant gratification, is that you have to keep the shirts wrapped up for 6-8 hours before you can see the results. So Andy and I both went to try and fit in a nap before the baby woke up to pass some time. Then luckily, since my parents were visiting, we went out to lunch and did some shopping. By the time we got home we could see how our shirts turned out!

I learned a valuable lesson: Wear gloves when looking at the shirts you tie dyed 6 to 8 hours earlier. Or you hands will be purple FOR DAYS. Also, you can’t just open up the shirts and leave them to dry. You next have to rinse out all the extra die and wash them 1-3 times separately in the washing machine. OY, I didn’t realize this was such a complicated process. Good thing it was fun!

I would tie dye again. I definitely would. I would have lots of extra gloves on hand though. Hahaha… gloves on-hand…. Ok, sorry.

Above: Clothing prepared for Tie Dying
Below: Tie Dye Materials
Above: And now we play the waiting game...
Below: Shirt #1 Unwrapped...
Above: Shirt #2
Below: Shirt #3 (I am very proud of this one!)
Above: Andy's amazing Como Derby Dames shirt! He did an awesome job!
Below: The tub after we rinsed the shirts. This is why you might not want to try this at home... It is all cleaned up now though, incase you were wondering.
Below: My purple dyed hands...
Above & Below: The little one sporting her new tie dyed top!

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