Thursday, September 22, 2011

Number 18: Ride A Horse (And Not Be Scared)

I just haven’t felt like writing the past few days. SO MANY things have happened this past weekend that it isn’t that I haven’t had anything to write about, it’s that I am so overwhelmed with all I do have to write about that I have been avoiding it. But I feel bad about that, so I decided to just suck it up and write something, since I don't want you to fall behind in the terribly fascinating story that is my life. 

On Friday night we premiered our film Marceline at the great old historic Uptown Theater in Marceline. It was fabulous. We are very happy and excited over the positive response to our film. I just can’t believe how many people came out to see it and that everybody loved it! Afterwards we headed over to the El Cimmaron Mexican restaurant for a little “after party”. They stayed open late just for us! It was great, we talked and ate and drank (I drank more on Friday than I think I have all year- but that doesn't say much as I don't drink much usually- I do remember one point in the evening where I leaned over to Andy and whispered loudly "I feel awesome- I might should drink more days. Yeah?" or something equally idiotic) and we made lots of new friends. But as we had a very long day ahead of us, we all decided to turn in around midnight.

The following day was Toonfest! I LOVE Toonfest! We had breakfast at Ma Vic’s and then watched the parade. Andy and I got an award after the parade and, along with other special guests of Toonfest, were presented with a special Dreaming Tree plaque. What an honor! Not long after that, Andy told me he had a surprise for me… I simply couldn’t imagine what in the world it could be…

He told me we had to walk to “meet” the surprise. We walked up the street to the grocery store parking lot and he told me we had to wait there. It seemed like a weird surprise to me… Within minutes I noticed a girl leading a horse right to us… Andy had asked her if I could ride her horse to fulfill my “Ride a horse and not be scared” goal. The problem is, is that I WAS scared. I got on the horse, but I had a little trouble at first since my legs are only like, 2 feet long (that’s an exaggeration, people!). I was definitely nervous and a little scared at first, but then I started having fun! Then Andy took the reins and led the horse around. I was thinking; Please don’t kill me, Andy! Please don’t kill me! Good news, he didn’t kill me. It was a lot of fun! I even let go of the little knobby handle thing and gave Andy a “Thumbs up” so he could take a picture. That doesn’t sound too wild and crazy to you I am sure, but that was a big step for me! All in all it was a very fun weekend (and this wasn’t even half of it!). I’ll write more about the weekend soon. Probably. 

Above: I was a little nervous at first....
Below: But then I got the hang of it

Above: Andy leading Ranger and I around (Ranger is the horse)

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