Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Charles Phoenix Plate

I finally made a new plate! On a recent trip back to Missouri for our Annual Neitzert Summer Camp Weekend we stopped off at my favorite ceramics studio, Hands On Ceramics! I decided to paint a gift plate for our friend Charles Phoenix with his face on it. As you may recall, I like to paint the faces of people I know on plates...

Hard at work working on My "Charles" plate!

Lilly paints a basketball! Remember last time she painted? She was so tiny. Now she is so much older and so focused on her painting! She absolutely loves to paint.

Our work station.

Andy with his bowl ready to be fired in the kiln.

My "Charles" plate is ready for the kiln!

With Lisa, friend, owner, operator, and artist at Hands On Ceramics in Columbia, MO

Here is Charles with his new plate at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles. He was very excited! I think I got a pretty good likeness... 

Oh yeah, and we live in Souther California now...

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